pely-tex non-woven materials – a byword for high quality, the flexible adoption of customers' wishes and on-schedule delivery.

Today, pely-tex manufactures a wide range of non-woven material grades using thermal bonded, spunlaced and chemical bonded dry non-woven materials. pely-tex non-woven materials are used in many different areas.

Our non-woven materials can be found where

- the highest quality is demanded,
- non-woven materials come into contact with human skin,
- protection from contamination and infection are required,
- solid matter is filtered from liquids to protect the environment,
- special fire safety conditions have the highest priority.

pely-tex non-woven materials have a good reputation, and demand for them is constantly increasing, due to their wide variety of uses and their consistent quality. Market knowledge, technological know-how and highly-motivated employees under experienced management will continue to guarantee the realisation of our ideas for innovative products into the future.