Our modern extruding equipment is used to blow polyethylene (PE) granulate into film, which are then prepared for further processing or for direct delivery.

We supply flat films, shrink films, tubular and half-tubular films, as well as mono and coex films.

Our customers can choose between the following main product groups:

Low density polyethylene (lower density – high pressure polyethylene)
Properties: transparent, soft, tough, elastic, flexible

High-density polyethylene (high density - low pressure polyethylene)
Properties: milky white, hard, stiff, crackly
Used for rubbish bin liners and sacks etc.

Special combinations, for example with MDPE, LLDPE or regenerates, are also possible in principle.

Plant polymers derived from regrowable raw materials, completely biodegradable and compostable.

With additives such as anti-statics, anti-blocking agents, lubricants or UV protection, we can expand the material’s properties, depending on its particular application, to improve its processing capacity on your equipment, or to increase the resistance of the films to environmental factors.

Of course, all films can be dyed according to your wishes in a single colour or in several colours on request, for example, white on the outside, black on the inside.

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