The future viability of the company is particularly dependent on its ability to flexibly adjust to new parameters, to react quickly and innovatively, and to keep a firm hand on costs. The future viability of our company in an age of globalisation depends increasingly on whether we succeed in appropriately factoring in issues of environmental and social sustainability, as well as of economic sustainability. This places a sizeable responsibility on the company.

The Pelz Group has acknowledged this responsibility for many decades, as we recognise that environmental, economic and social issues are not in conflict when it comes to sustainability.

Under the catchphrase "cleaner production", and as part of our corporate environmental protection policy, we aim to improve material flows and energy and materials management with the greatest possible minimisation of waste water, emissions and waste. Thanks to these endeavours, our products are produced using the minimal number of resources and contribute themselves to sustainability.

We are also committed to a safe and hazard-free working environment, in order to maintain the health and productivity of our employees. This means that work-related accidents and ill-health are avoided in so far as is possible through the use of preventative measures. Our employees receive regular instruction, training and the necessary equipment to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities regarding work safety, to recognise and avoid risks and dangers, and to implement any requisite precautionary measures. Numerous other examples could also be drawn on to demonstrate that social sustainability is not just a catchphrase for the Pelz Group, but is a concrete part of our everyday operations.