In markets in which own brands have a value-based market share of more than 60%, marketing takes on particular significance. Own brands are playing an increasing role, and not only in the entry-level price segment. They also offer ever more strategic opportunities to further raise the profile of a retail brand and to boost consumer confidence. Many examples demonstrate that private brands can create markets by opening up innovative requirement areas.

Based on decades of experience with our brands, we have the competency and know-how in the classic branded goods sector at our disposal.

Our achievements include the joint development of product lines and products, and their benchmark testing in laboratories. We can also conduct panel tests that are attuned to particular target groups.

Moreover, we offer innovative packaging solutions and can manufacture articles for sales promotions in-house.

Even more important, however, are our customer workshops, where we develop premium private label concepts which balance current and future trends and needs and address the user’s needs in so far as they go beyond the actual core product.